Calcium carbonate reduces the carbon footprint of plastic through reduced petrochemical usage, reduced energy usage, and reduced carbon footprint.

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The cost savings and performance benefits of displacing a portion of plastic with calcium carbonate has been well understood for many years. The characteristics of calcium carbonate concentrates allow polymers to heat and cool faster, resulting in significant energy savings through improved productivity, higher outputs, and faster film conversion. HDPE film made with calcium carbonate also offers substantial environmental benefits by reducing petrochemical and energy usage during the manufacturing process, and by minimizing the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas impact of finished plastic products.

Summary of HM10® life cycle analysis.

Real-World Advantages of HM10®

To illustrate the real-world advantages of displacing about 20% of the petrochemical-based component in film with HM10®, we assume that 1 billion pounds of HDPE is converted into bags in a typical year. By applying the 13% greenhouse gasses reduction data point illustrated above, the potential amount of greenhouse gasses avoided in one year is 160,550 tons.


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